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Homeless in District 4

The people without housing in District 4 has been, and will continue to be a major focus for our county and cities. Homelessness is not just a local issue; it is a statewide issue. We need to foster a collaborative front with our local city councils and elected state officials representing our county in reaching out to the Governor for his direct commitment to assist San Joaquin County with the people without homes. We have a great opportunity here with the recent closure of the DVI state prison. We need to petition the Governor to provide the facility to the county for a dollar a year and maintain it, while we transform it into a homeless assessment center. There county services, such as Mental Health, Public Health, Medical clinics, temporary housing, meals, access to Work Net, and public transportation can be provided to homeless people, with a focus on assisting them to return to housing in their community.

Homeless Encampment
Abandoned boat in District 4

Illegal Dumping

We continue to see trash and junk dumped indiscriminately all over the county, especially in the rural areas. This conduct impacts our public works and environmental health departments along with individual property owners in cleaning up the dump site. I believe we can re-evaluate how the situation is being handled by looking at the county waste disposal contract to negotiate for additional service to remove the trash and junk from identified locations with the assistance of our residents through the County's "My San Joaquin" application. You can use the links provided below to download the app to your phone or make a report online.

My San Joaquin Application