Vote Steve Moore District 4 Supervisor Sign
January 22, 2022

Announcement of Candidacy

I am announcing my candidacy in running for San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors District 4.

We have gathered signatures for voter nomination for supervisor and we look forward to the opening of the candidate filing period. If you would like to help out by having a removable vinyl window decal placed on your vehicle, please click here to provide contact information to schedule installation on your vehicle.

With the upcoming election this will truly be a new District 4, with new district boundary lines and a newly elected Supervisor to represent the residents of the district.

My experience of 35 years with the San Joaquin County Sheriff Office and serving as your elected sheriff for twelve years, along with my continued community involvement since my retirement, provides you with a candidate who has experience with County Government and involvement in the community.

I know and have a working relationship with most of the current county department heads both elected and appointed. As your supervisor I will be able to immediately engage with the other members of the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer in addressing the challenges of not only District 4 but the county as a whole.

Since my retirement, I am serving as a member of the board of directors for the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation, Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin board of directors, the Retired Public Employees of San Joaquin Retirement Association board of directors, and was appointed to the San Joaquin County Retirement Association as the trustee alternate representing retirees. I have also maintained my participation with the Lions Club, Rotary Club and other community service organizations.

During the initial Covid 19 epidemic outbreak, I worked part time for San Joaquin County Public Health, as a communicable disease investigator doing contact tracing and outbreak tracking. I have also recently joined the United Way of San Joaquin as a part time Director of Resource development. Each of these positions has given me a new perspective on what we are confronting in meeting the needs of our community.

District 4 has a great number of agricultural industries, farms, ranches, orchards and vineyards. Having served as a director at large with the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors I will be a strong advocate for our agribusiness community in all issues affecting them.

With my previous and newly gained experience, I am now ready to take on the responsibilities of representing San Joaquin County District 4. I possess the drive and desire to be of service to my community and believe I can be a most effective representative for all in District 4, if you will allow me that privilege by electing me to the position in the upcoming June primary election.

Thank you

Steve Moore